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Silver Pin/Tie Tack: Sterling silver, hand-painted pin/tie tack.
Your gift with a donation of $50 - (retail value - $30)


Principals Of Peace - Book of Angel Art – by Patrick Reynolds:
Incredible fine-art collectors coffee table book - 100lb archival paper with hard cover & gold stamp - color reproductions of Patrick’s beautiful angel paintings.          Your gift with a donation of $100 - (retail value - $125)

image004.jpg Forget Me Not ~ A Celtic Journey - CD:
A beautiful, mellow instrumental CD by Spiritwood Music artist, Mark Billman. Your favorite Celtic melodies played by cello, piano, and flute. Your gift with a donation of $25 - (retail value $15)

Hello In There - CD:
A poignant but uplifting album featuring songs that reflect the human spirit. This CD supports the Spiritwood 'Forget Me Not' Foundation's fight against Alzheimer's Disease. Dedicated to Rocco Michael Passaretti - and all those who need us to remember. Your gift with a donation of $25 - (retail value $15)

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