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A subscription based, diverse program for assisted living/memory care communities and nursing homes around the country, as well as Minnesota Veterans Homes.


Awakenings features a variety of entertainment options for senior, memory care, and veterans communities. Activity directors of these communities can subscribe and schedule diverse programs to engage and entertain their residents. People living in these communities have been isolated due to concerns surrounding the current pandemic. There are many heartbreaking stories of residents sadly waving to loved ones through a window. The board members of the Spiritwood Foundation became determined to create an antidote to this distressing issue. Unable to gather and interact within their communities, it has been reported that residents' health is declining at an alarming rate due to this isolation. It is our goal to offer programs to entertain and uplift these residents, and ease the loneliness and monotony they are experiencing now.

Virtual Concerts

            Jukebox Time Machine - Classic Jukebox Hits Through The Decades

            Hallelujah Gospel Show

            Coffeehouse - Mellow Acoustic Folk Music


Pre-Recorded Programs - Musical Show Subscriptions

            Jukebox Time Machine - Classic Jukebox Hits Through The Decades

            Hallelujah Gospel Show

            Peaceful Journeys - Wilderness and Wildlife with Peaceful Instrumentals                          

                          Featuring our Telly-Award Winning Boundary Waters Videos

            Coffeehouse Mellow Folk Music

            Bonus Feature Videos from our DVDs                           

                           Lloyd LaPlant

                            Dr. Lynn Rogers

                            Strength Of Will - Will Steger                           

                            The Wilderness Within - Sig Olsen

                            See You 'Round The Bend - Joe Seliga


Awakenings In-House 'Radio' Channels

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Each channel offers hours of music from our catalog

                               Classic Hits

                               Gospel Favorites

                                                   NAP - Nice And Peaceful - Instrumentals/Music Therapy